Last minute wedding gifts

Left Your Wedding Gift to the 11th Hour? Here’s How to Avoid Disaster

Uh oh, your friend’s wedding is tomorrow and you completely forgot to get a gift! No need to panic, you can still pull together a thoughtful last minute wedding gift the bride and groom will appreciate. Here are some creative ideas to save yourself when you’ve left it to the final hour:

Gift Certificate

At this stage, your best bet is to give them a gift card or certificate they can redeem for what they’d like. Popular options:

  • Home goods store like Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Department store like Macy’s or Target
  • Honeymoon contribution through Zola or Honeyfund
  • Fancy restaurant for a date night
  • Spa or massage facility
  • Airbnb or hotel for a weekend getaway

Gift cards may seem impersonal, but it allows the newlyweds to pick something perfect for their new home.

Sentimental Item

If you want to give them something more heartfelt, put together a meaningful DIY gift like:

  • Framed wedding day photo and handwritten note
  • Customized scrapbook chronicling their relationship
  • Candle and matching personalized champagne flutes
  • Plush monogrammed robes and slippers
  • Engraved vase or serving set

A homemade present shows how much you care about their milestone.

Delivery Surprise

If you’re truly out of time, send an unexpected delivery to their home or honeymoon like:

  • Box of fancy chocolates and champagne
  • Fruit or gourmet snack bouquet
  • Basket of freshly baked breads and treats
  • Keurig coffee maker with assortment of coffee
  • Beautiful flower arrangement in a vase
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A gift straight to their door will still make them feel special on their big day.

While shopping at the last minute is never ideal, you can still get the newlyweds something thoughtful they’ll appreciate with a gift card, sentimental DIY gift or delivery surprise. Don’t arrive empty handed!