First ever mineable ERC-20 Token.

  • Our first solution is to help people become masternodes without having technical knowledge and to allow them to do a proof-of-live while keeping their devices on.
  • Our second solution is to enable the sending of a text in the Ethereum network alongside the memo.

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How to Buy EER Token?

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Buy Sistemkoin.

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What is EER Coin?

EER Coin is a platform for the future of funding that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It accelerates growth of start-up companies by offering tools and services that save both time and resources.

Our Mobile Wallet

New Ethereum eRush mobile wallet coming soon..

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Windows 32 Bit
Current Version : v2.3 RPU
Windows 64 Bit
Current Version : v2.3 RPU
Current Version : v2.3 RPU

Token Structure

Token Tracker: EthereumeRush (EER)
Contrat Adress: 0x6EA53dfc58C5cbf68a799EdD208cb3A905db5939
Total Supply: 24,092,240 EER
Halving: 1 in 730 block
Max Stake: 2,999
Min Stake: 30
Genesis Reward: 16,384


Development of the blockchain model
The number of miners reached 100.
SISTEMKOIN will list the EER coin.
COINSBIT will list the EER coin.
Erc20 Token EER was created.
SISTEMKOIN market advertisements started.
Contract was signed with COINSBIT stock exchange.

We are giving you a chance to run your miner software from anywhere.

  • Proof Of The First Crypto Coin Produced In The World With Live Mining Format.
  • Proof Of Live mining program works 24 hours a day with computer and internet open.
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Stake EER Amount

Max Target = 2999


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