Last minute birthday gifts

Clever Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off

It’s your friend’s birthday tomorrow and you completely forgot about getting them a gift until today! Don’t resort to a boring gift card or flowers. With a little creativity, you can come up with thoughtful last minute birthday gift ideas.

Experience Gift

Surprise them with tickets to a:

  • Comedy club or improv show
  • Concert, play, or musical
  • Sporting event or game night
  • Wine/beer tasting or food tour
  • Pottery painting or cooking class

Experiences make wonderful last minute gifts that create special memories.

Pampering Kit

Everybody appreciates pampering! Pick up:

  • Candles, bath bombs, and scented lotions
  • Cozy slippers, robe, and comfy pajamas
  • Face masks, sheet masks, and exfoliating scrubs
  • Manicure set with polish in their favorite colors
  • Massage tool like a massage ball or back scratcher

Put it all in a cute gift basket or bag.

Sentimental Gift

Make a thoughtful DIY gift like:

  • Photo collage of your friendship
  • Childhood pictures framed
  • Playlist or mixtape of their favorite songs
  • Custom coupon book with IOUs for hangouts, favors, etc.

A meaningful homemade gift shows you care.

Delivery Surprise

If you’re truly out of time, send something straight to their home:

  • Edible Arrangement or treat delivery
  • Bottle of wine or sampler pack of craft beers
  • Monthly book or coffee subscription
  • Fresh flower bouquet or live plant
  • Giant greeting card filled with gift cards

A surprise delivery always brightens someone’s birthday!

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With a little creativity, you can still make your friend feel special on their big day, even with a last minute birthday gift.