Last minute anniversary gifts for parents

You Forgot Their Anniversary! Here’s How to Quickly Make it Memorable for Mom and Dad

It’s your parent’s big anniversary celebration tomorrow and you completely spaced on getting them a gift! You want to kick yourself for forgetting, but now is not the time for regret. Even at the last minute, you can pull together a thoughtful gift your parents will genuinely appreciate. Here are some creative ideas to save yourself and still make their anniversary memorable:

Book a Special Experience

At this late stage your best bet is to give them an experience gift. Book an outing or activity for the two of them to enjoy together like:

  • Massage or trip to the spa
  • Cooking, baking or cocktail class
  • Wine tasting or brewery tour
  • Tickets to a show, play or concert
  • Reservations at their favorite restaurant or cafe

With an experience gift you don’t need to stress about wrapping and delivery. Just print off the details in a cute card! It shows you put real thought into celebrating their relationship.

Make a Sentimental Gift

You don’t need fancy supplies or skills for heartfelt DIY gifts like:

  • Photo collage of their relationship
  • Custom framed family tree
  • Scrapbook of memories from your childhood
  • Spotify playlist or mixtape of “their songs”
  • Jar filled with happy memory notes or love coupons

Homemade gifts demonstrate how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you.

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Send a Delivery Surprise

If you truly have no time to shop or make a gift, send something right to their home. Options include:

  • Flower bouquet
  • Box of decadent chocolates
  • Bottle of champagne or nice wine
  • Gift basket with fruit, baked goods, preserves
  • Their favorite takeout meal or dessert
  • Edible Arrangement of chocolate dipped fruit

A surprise delivery is sure to brighten their anniversary, even if you couldn’t be there in person.

While nothing makes up for forgetting your parent’s anniversary, a heartfelt last minute gift shows you really do care. With an experience, DIY project, or delivery surprise, you can still make their milestone feel extra special.